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A successful design starts with great listening skills. I ask my clients questions about their lifestyles, expectations, and tastes. Then, I have the pleasure of translating those desires into living spaces that create a sense of style and sophistication.

My interest in design started at an early age. Growing up in Florida, my mother was an interior decorator and my father an architect, so it was just a natural focus for me. I went on to design landscapes while earning a B.S. in finance at the University of Florida. Eventually, my financial career took me to the Middle East where I lived for more than seven years, always traveling extensively.  Upon returning home, I decided it was time to return to my true passion – design – founding Denizen Design in 2006.

Whether I am designing a single room or an entire house, I take a highly customized approach, often designing or commissioning select pieces to complement a room and achieve my clients’ goals.  I pay particular attention to proportions and color, using exquisite details and layered textures to create harmonious living spaces. While each project is unique, my goal remains the same -- I want every client to love spending time in a space I’ve designed.

Owner Shannon John Mery brings his customized approach and expertise to a full range of residential and commercial projects. Working primarily in Florida, New York and New Jersey, he has developed an extensive network of artisans and professionals whom he calls upon to help achieve his personalized designs.

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